Ray's bicycle travels in Tibet  

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Tibet 92 [600 miles/1000KM]- Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal (sorry no web page for this trip)
Tibet 94 [3300 miles/5500 KM] Dali, Yunnan - Lhasa, Tibet - Mt. Kailash, Tibet - Kashgar, Xinjiang - Gilget, Pakistan
Tibet 96 [2000 miles/3200 KM] Lanzhou, Gansu - Golmud, Qinghai - Lhasa, Tibet - Kathmandu, Nepal
Tibet 98 [2000 miles/3200 KM] Gilget, Pakistan - Kashgar, Xinjiang - Mt. Kailash, Tibet - Tingre, Tibet - Kathmandu, Nepal