Ray Kreisel
Ray Kreisel

Below you will find photos, stories and videos of some of my travels.

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Last updated Dec 28, 2008


Travel Videos

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 Guatemala 1989  Chile Bolivia 1990
 Nepal India Tibet 1992  Tibet 1994
 Tibet 1996  Tibet 1998
 Nepal 2000  Darjeeling, India 2004
 Tibet 2004 Part 1  Part 2  Cambodia 2005
 Mongolia 2006  Tibet 2006 Part 1  Part 2
 Guizhou, China 2007  Beijing 2007
 Vietnam 2008  Eclipse Xinjiang, China 2008
 Tibet 2008

Tibet 2006 After a number of friends asked me to take them to Mt. Kailash in Western Tibet, I decided to lead a tour to Tibet in September of 2006. To find out more about this journey to Tibet click here

Mongolia 2006  
In August 2006 I made a short trip to Mongolia. For more about this trip click here

Tibet 2004  
From July until November 2004 I returned to Tibet for my 5th trip there. To find out more about this journey to China and Tibet click here

Cambodia 2005  
On my way back to the USA in May 2005, I stopped off in Cambodia for 2 weeks. To see a few photos from Cambodia click here

Darjeeling, India  
I lived in Darjeeling, India for a number of years. To see a few photos from Darjeeling click here

Tibet Bike  In 1992, '94, '96, and '98, I traveled throughout Tibet by bicycle. To see a map of where I traveled click here

Tibet 1994

For five months in the thin air of Tibet and Western China I made my way over dirt tracks and around Chinese police checkpoints. Throughout most of history this part of the planet has remained closed to Western travelers. During the spring and summer of 1994 only a few short portions of my 3300-mile bicycle trip crossed sections of Tibet and China that were officially open to foreigners.

My 3300-mile bicycle trip is the subject of the free ebook, "A Different Kind of Freedom". To find out more about this journey and to download the ebook click here

Tibet 1998

In the spring of 1998, I traveled with two friends throughout the western Himalaya. We cycled some of the highest and most desolate roads in the world. Over the course of four months of cycling we covered more than 2000 miles [3333 km], and climbed more than 98,000 vertical feet [29,800 vertical meters].

To find out more about this journey click here

Tibet 1996 It was during the early fall of 1996 that the I set off to cross Tibet from the North to the South. This journey started in the heartland of central China and took me across the north plains of Tibet to the fabled city of Lhasa, Tibet. From there I traveled southward finally reaching Kathmandu, Nepal. In all I cycled more than 2000 miles / 3333 KM.

To find out more about this journey click here

Tibet Maps Download detailed road maps of Tibet and the surrounding areas click here

Milarepa In July of 2003 I started work on, what is looking to be an on going recording project, with my dear friend and teacher Khen Rinpoche Ngawang Jinpa of Darjeeling. The our first CD is a collection of songs from the 11th century Tibetan meditator Milarepa. To download all of the songs and find out more about Milarepa and Khen Rinpoche click here

During November of 2000, I trekked in the Everest region of Nepal with my friends Leo and Liyang. For more about the trip click here

For a collection of wallpaper images from my Himalayan travels visit click here

Manjushree Tibetan School During 1997-99 I studied Tibetan language at a small school in Darjeeling, India for more information about this school click here